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Creative Arts

130 years

The Creative Arts Program is an exciting and vibrant part of College life, as well as an essential part of a well-rounded education. Creativity and design are critcial to assist students develop their ability to problem solve and be creative thinkers.

The Program

Students in Prep to Year 8 are taught Art as a compulsory study, taught by highly trained and specialist teachers. The diversity of the program can be seen regularly in displays and exhibitions of student work throughout the College. Students will be exposed to a variety of learning opportunities across a range of mediums and materials, including:

  • Ceramics

  • Painting and drawing

  • Collage and mixed media

  • Construction

  • Textiles

  • Design

  • Printmaking

Student outcomes reflect the Victorian curriculum standards and are designed to encourage the development of essential skills, knowledge and techniques.

Students in Years 9 to 12 are offered a number of electives that relate to the Visual Arts including photography, painting, drawing, visual communication design, media studies, textiles and fine art. Students can choose a number of these electives at Year 9, then specialise in Years 10, 11 and 12 if they wish to choose a pathway into any of these fields.

Subjects offered at Years 9 and 10 expose students to subject specific learning outcomes and allow them to be able to make informed choices in their VCE study program.

Highly trained and specialised teachers have created a learning environment for students to excel at VCE level.


Our Creative Arts curriculum and resources are critical in the development of our students, and as such, we have specialist classrooms that provide students with the perfect environment for their work. We have specialist textiles, media studies and visual communication and design studios as well as several multi-purpose art rooms that allow the students to paint, create, sculpt and sew their creations.

In early 2020, the College celebrated the completion of stage one of its Visual Arts refurbishment.

The three-month building development transformed part of the old building into a modern work of art, boasting open plan areas that support our teaching pedagogy and encourage cross curricular in the Arts.

The integrated design adjoining the different rooms allows students to use a variety of studios to create their work and caters for a comprehensive Arts program that exposes students to different subjects including Studio Arts, Art, Visual Communication Design, 3D Printing, Ceramics and Art Production.

With interactive screens and ergonomic furniture, the space is available from Year 5 up and includes four new arts rooms—a Ceramic room, Studio Arts room, Senior Art room and Junior Art room, in addition to staff offices and a dedicated VCE art workspace, available during their study periods.

A light, bright and welcoming space, the new area is conducive to collaboration and communication between teachers and students, with a larger space for moderating folios or conferencing and benches for easy interaction.


Genazzano holds an annual VCE Graduate Art Show in The Madeleine Centre for Music and The Performing Arts. It showcases the many folios and final works of the Year 12 graduating class. Many of our students have had great success in showcasing their work at Top Designs and Top Arts in recent years.

Ongoing exhibitions showcase work in the College breezeway, Our Ladies' Hall and the Furlan Exhibition Space.

For ELC to Year 4 students, we hold the ‘Les Jeunes Artistes’ art show. The Grange Hill corridors and spaces become adorned with our young artists' work.

Each year, our Year 9 students develop an ‘Art for a Cause’ exhibition.

Photography work is made available for purchase as part of fundraising for a cause that the students select through their awareness of world events and social justice program.