Want to boost Resilience? ‘Explain the Brain’ promotes positive coping skills in teens

Stress comes in many forms. Young people are navigating many challenges including school, work, finances, social and family interactions, health fears and global issues. These can all give rise to worry and stress. The tools that individuals use to manage stress can make a difference in their ability to cope or manage these challenges. 

Why teach students about positive ways to cope with stress?
Helpful or effective coping strategies can allow a person to be resilient and even to thrive in the face of challenges or difficult times. Unhelpful strategies include worrying, withdrawing from others, harming and turning to crime or substance abuse. These ineffective strategies do not support the person and can lead to additional problems such as mental health issues, poor relationships, physical health problems, learning or school issues or legal troubles.

This Explain the Brain 2022 challenge is an initiative of the Genazzano Institute of Learning & Brain Sciences, proudly presented with partners, Education Perfect and Deakin University. The challenge aims to promote knowledge about the brain and learning for the community. This year’s theme is Positive Coping. Students have the opportunity to learn a range of helpful strategies to manage stress and to win great prizes by entering the challenge!

What are helpful coping strategies?
Psychologist and co-author of ‘The Best of Coping, Developing Coping Skills for Adolescents’, Catherine Brandon, says there are many things teens can do to cope with or reduce stress. Here are Catherine’s top 5 tips:

  1. Connect with others – seek the support of friends, family and groups around you
  2. Look after your physical health – exercise regularly, drink water and eat well
  3. Do things that are uplifting – be creative, read, listen to music or be with pets
  4. Relax your mind – use meditation, mindfulness or enjoy time in nature for a calm, clear mind
  5. Seek help – speak to a trusted adult or a professional such as a school counsellor, doctor or psychologist.

Genazzano Institute has compiled a list of 40+ positive coping strategies that teens may find helpful to reduce or manage stress.

The Explain the Brain 2022: Positive Coping Challenge is on now!
The Explain the Brain Challenge is running from now until 18 August, 2022. Genazzano Institute is proud to announce Deakin University as a key partner in promoting neuroscience and wellbeing education. Deakin is a world-class University with a reputation for excellence in learning and student experience; and is supporting this year’s competition with prize sponsorship and as part of the judging panel.

The challenge is facilitated by Education Perfect who has hosted and sponsored the ‘Explain the Brain’ challenge for 6 years. Together with the Genazzano Institute, this partnership has provided an opportunity for thousands of students across Australia to engage in neuroscience learning.

We encourage you to get involved! Learn more and register through Education Perfect.

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