A contemporary Catholic approach

Genazzano is a vibrant and welcoming community where each individual is celebrated and valued as being made in the image of God. Within our joyful, lively and nourishing school environment, we provide a holistic Catholic education informed by the spirit of Marie Madeleine d’Houët that inspires our students to a life-long development of their faith and an active engagement in transforming our world to be a better place for all.

Faithful to the call of Christ and inspired by the vision of our foundress Marie Madeleine and St Ignatius of Loyola, we companion our students as they seek to find God in all things — in the Sacred Scriptures, in the words and person of Jesus, in prayer and sacrament, in the daily routines of our everyday lives and in the wider culture in which we live. 

Our Catholic identity is grounded in the ideals and values of the Sisters Faithful Companions of Jesus. We endeavour to form our students from our Junior School years to Year 12 to become women who offer companionship to every person they meet, who radiate courage and confidence, who are leaders gentle in spirit, who work with others to discern the presence and call of God in their lives and who commit to the service and the promotion of justice and reconciliation in Australia and in our world.

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