Since Genazzano FCJ College opened its doors over 130 years ago, a spirit of service and generosity has flourished. Many members within the College and in the wider community have benefitted from the support of the College, through many fundraising events to upgrade buildings and scholarships to attend Genazzano. Philanthropy is truly ingrained in the Genazzano spirit. Indeed, our performing arts centre, the Madeleine Centre was realised through a concerted and sustained fundraising effort, providing excellent facilities to enable Gen girls to be their best.

Genazzano engenders a deep loyalty and passion from within its community. As parents, alumnae, teachers, grandparents and friends, we work together to nurture close connections within the College and ensure that the community continues to thrive.

In order for the College to continue to offer programs, scholarships and facilities which prepare our girls for the ‘road that lies before them’, we rely on the generosity of parents, past, present and future and alumnae alike. Through our Annual Appeal and other fundraising efforts, together we can maintain the strength of our College and community and build on our shared vision for Genazzano.

Donate Now

We seek your support and ask you to please make a gift to our Annual Appeal. 

Building Fund

The College Building Fund ensures our magnificent buildings and grounds are maintained and developed for future generations, with facilities that prioritise student engagement and wellbeing and that support and promote active learning.

Current projects include refurbishment of Year 7 to 12 classrooms and upgrade of the Wardell and Grange Hill buildings to be Building Code and DDA (Disability and Discrimination Act) compliant, the creation of learning spaces that support a contemporary and innovative curriculum, significant roof repairs, lift upgrades and a new Student Services at the Mont Victor Road entrance so all students feel welcome and embraced for who they are.

Library Fund

The Grange Hill and d’Houet Libraries are important facilities for students and staff, offering extensive resources that support the learning, growth and curiosity of our community. Your donations contribute to the upkeep of reading programs, research technologies and software, information literacy, storytime, book clubs and events that celebrate different authors and the importance of reading, writing and speaking. Our Libraries cater for our entire student body from ELC through to Year 12 and are much loved by our students – providing a place to connect, collaborate and create.

Scholarships Fund

Each year the College offers a number of academic, music, boarding and sport scholarships to students who may otherwise be unable to afford a Genazzano education.

Scholarships recognise and enable achievement in a learning environment while nurturing the development of the whole person and encouraging excellence for all. We offer an education for life – one that values mind, body and spirit. Modelled on the charism of the Society of Faithful Companions of Jesus, Genazzano is a community of faith, aiming to instil in each student a passion for life, a love of learning and the courage and the confidence to lead and serve others.

Your donation helps provide the opportunity of a Genazzano education to young women who need it. Our hope is that this gift empowers our young girls to be agents of social change and to transform the world with faithfulness, courage and confidence, as the future leaders of our community.

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