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Student Wellbeing

130 years

Performance Psychology Centre

The aim of Genazzano’s Performance Psychology Centre is to promote wellness, resilience and positive development for all students. Performance Psychology focuses on thinking skills that assist people to achieve their potential in any area of life. The centre is staffed by registered psychologists with specialist training and endorsement in areas such as Educational and Developmental Psychology and Clinical Psychology.

Students may attend the centre for supportive counselling, education and skill development. Professional assistance is available to assist with personal issues and wellbeing, as well as strategies for performance enhancement in areas such as sport, exam technique, public speaking and music performance. All services are confidential and free to all Genazzano students.


GenSTAR: Optimal Wellbeing and Achievement

Promoting optimal achievement alongside wellbeing has been an important feature of Genazzano FCJ College’s wellbeing education program since 2008. The College’s program aims to foster personal growth and development by providing a structured whole-school model that is sequenced for each age and stage. It has been developed utilising the current research in wellbeing and psychology and in consultation with students and staff. The program incorporates sessions to promote aspects of:

  • positive psychology

  • health and safety

  • philanthropy

  • empowerment

  • resilience

  • growth mindset

  • performance psychology education.

The program is regularly reviewed and evolving so that it continues to be relevant and progressive.

Through the implementation of innovative programs and world’s best practice, the Performance Psychology Centre and the GenSTAR program actively support the Genazzano vision and mission, promoting development of the whole person and encouraging students to have a passion for life and a love of learning.


Genazzano FCJ College is proudly a member of the Positive Education Schools Association.

Visit the PESA website or Postive Education at Genazzano for more information.

Health Centre

The Health Centre at Genazzano is a comfortable and well equipped area where students and staff are welcome to come for assistance if they are unwell or have had an injury or accident. We promote an open-door approach where the student's wellbeing is a priority.

The Centre is staffed by a registered nurse and is well supported by staff that have accreditation in senior first aid, anaphylaxis management and asthma first aid management. Staff receive regular updates and training to assist with students with health needs, and the College has strict guidelines and policy regarding these more serious health issues.

Parents and students are encouraged to seek advice from the College nurse on any health management concerns or to plan care for a student who may be recovering from a prolonged illness or injury.

Policies and Procedures