Second Hand Uniforms

Second-Hand Uniforms

  • In 2024, second-hand uniforms will be managed by the GMA
  • List Wanted and For Sale Ads (parents can tell each other what they require and what they have to sell).
  • The school’s uniform lists are already loaded into the system to make the Ad listing process easy, fast and accurate.
  • Assistance is provided to accurately price items.
  • The matching service shows you
    – Exactly the right items to buy
    – Who has the most items you need
    – The cheapest items
  • Buyers contact Sellers, and arrange where and when to transact.

Sustainable Schools will no longer be used in 2024

Sustainable School Shop’s Second Hand Uniform Trading is used by many schools and is more than just a listing service. This system provides guidance on which are the correct items to buy and whom to buy them from, as well as, which sellers have most of the required items.

Information from the school’s uniform lists is entered into the system, to make the creation of wanted and for sale advertisements easy (e.g. parents tick the boxes). This removes keying errors and standardises the advertisements. Buyers and sellers are then matched and sent email notifications.

The service enhances the sense of school community as the transaction is parent to parent, each helping the other in a non-competitive environment and both having ownership over the transaction.

Telephone and email helplines are provided and parents can contact the Sustainable School Shop should they have a question or be experiencing a problem.

The Sustainable School Shop service is free for families at the school to use. Note Genazzano will be listed in the seller details for any second hand items being sold by the College. 


  • Intuitive and engaging functionality
  • 24/7 access
  • Email and phone help available, call 0438 743 444 or complete the contact us form
  • An innovative and well maintained website that is easily responsive to all devices

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