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Principal's Message

Genazzano FCJ College is a strong and vibrant community that has continued to thrive for over 130 years. One of the fundamental strengths of Genazzano is the highly engaged and passionate community who have, over the years, contributed significantly to ensure that our College continues to excel.

At this time of year, we ask you to continue your generosity in support of the Annual Appeal. These funds support a number of academic and music scholarships and investment towards physical improvements to the College and resources for the College Library.

The future looks bright at Genazzano with the exciting plans for the new Year 5 and 6 Learning Centre, renovations to the Visual Arts areas and the expansion of our Fitness Centre. Through either the Building, Library or Scholarship fund, any donation small or large, your gift can make a meaningful difference. With your support we can continue to provide for Gen girls now and in to the future.  


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Building fund

The College Building Fund ensures that our magnificent buildings and expansive garden surrounds can be maintained for future generations. The Building Fund supports the continued maintenance, restoration and future development of our College buildings. Furthermore, it strengthens our objective to provide facilities that serve to fulfil the College’s vision for its Student Learning and Wellbeing program, for both current and future students. This would not be possible without your continued generous support.

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Library fund

The Grange Hill and Senior Campus libraries, important resources for students and staff alike, continue to offer opportunities for members of the College community to nourish their intellectual growth. Gifts to the Library Fund accelerate the renewal and upgrading of our libraries, and offer valuable new resources.

Over recent years, donations have also contributed to significant improvements in our library environment, including furnishings, a meeting space and improved technology and software for students. This fund supports our objective to ensure the libraries are exciting learning environments, offering a combination of advanced research technologies, study facilities, quiet places to read and spaces for students to meet, discuss and create collaboratively.

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Scholarships fund

Genazzano’s reputation is one of the primary reasons parents enrol their children here. It is also true that many parents and alumnae would love to educate their children at Genazzano but, for economic reasons, they are unable to do so.

Scholarships allow the College to enrich and diversify the student community, providing a benefit for all students. A donation to the Scholarships Fund gives opportunities to those students who, ordinarily, would not be able to attend the College.

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