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130 years

Genazzano FCJ College provides a learning environment that is supportive of individual differences, encourages best effort and is alive with enthusiasm and activity. We offer an education for life – one that values mind, body and spirit. Modelled on the charism of the Society of Faithful Companions of Jesus, we share in a future-oriented and distinctive learning culture guided by reflection, wisdom and service. We empower young women to transform the world with hope and care.

Genazzano is proud to offer a limited number of Academic, Music and Boarding scholarships annually across Years 7 to 11. Scholarships recognise and enable achievement and assume a commitment to the College. The College expects scholarship recipients to follow all College requirements and show a broad commitment to school life beyond single areas of interest.

Applications for 2022 scholarships will open on Monday 19 October 2020 and close at midnight Monday 8 February 2021. Scholarship examinations will be held at Genazzano FCJ College on Friday 19 February 2021. There is only one examination day, so please ensure you are available on this date. 

Who can apply? 

Scholarships are generally tenable for the student’s years remaining at the College and carry substantial remission of fees.

For students entering Year 7, scholarships are open to both prospective and current students. For students entering Years 9 and 11, academic scholarships are open to external students only. The Boarding scholarship is open to students entering Year 9, 10 or 11.

The application process

The scholarship application process is highly competitive and as such scholarship holders are subject to annual appraisal and review. No scholarship is awarded on academic excellence alone and the school reserves the right to withdraw a scholarship in the event of unsatisfactory progress or lack of College participation. 

In the case of Music scholarships, the successful student is expected to maintain her interest and involvement in the school music co-curricular program and to participate in music recitals, concerts and other musical events as requested by the Director of Music.

All scholarship applications are expected to meet the following criteria:

  • A commitment to embrace the philosophy and Catholic ethos of the College.

  • Acceptable performance in an academic examination and for music scholarship applicants, acceptable performance in both a music audition and an academic examination.

  • Demonstrated commitment to learning and involvement in the life of the school via past reports, references, academic awards and achievements.

Priority is given to Catholic applicants; however, students from all faith backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

The scholarship process is highly confidential and the final decision on awarding scholarships is at the Principal’s discretion. All families who have been interviewed will receive notification of this decision.

What is covered by the scholarship?

In most cases, scholarships provide for some remission of tuition fees only, parents are expected to meet other expenses, such as uniforms, books, co-curricular activities, capital levy and alumna life membership. In the event that a student who receives a scholarship departs the College prior to completing their schooling at Genazzano, the family will be required to pay the equivalent of tuition fees that have been discounted for the period enrolled under the scholarship arrangement.

Academic Scholarships

All applicants must sit an academic examination which is administered by an external agency and subject to the payment of a fee. Following the examinations, shortlisted applicants will be invited for interview. The interview panel, chaired by the Principal, will then select the successful candidates. Applicants are required to bring academic transcripts, awards and documentation demonstrating academic capabilities to the interview.

Music Scholarships

Music scholarships are offered annually for students entering Years 7, 9 and 11 and include a practical audition and academic examination.

Auditions are held on the advertised date and applicants will be required to register for a 20-minute audition on the day with the Director of Music; relevant Head of Department; and if applicable, an external specialist musician.

Applicants will perform:

  • two contrasting pieces (no more than 10 minutes duration in total)

  • a sight reading exercise (provided by the Director of Music)

  • a short aural test (rhythm, melody, pitch)

  • a short aural theory test (basic general knowledge relevant to the pieces prepared for the audition).

Applicants who learn more than one instrument may audition on their second instrument with only one piece required for the second instrument. Each applicant must provide her own accompanist and the use of backing tracks is not allowed. Applicants must also provide a copy of each work to the Director of Music before the start of the audition.

Successful applicants who have auditioned on more than one instrument will only be awarded a Music scholarship on one instrument.

At the time of application, students are required to have attained a certain AMEB grade or equivalent. To view the full requirements, please click here.

Music scholarships include 50% tuition fees and 50% music tuition fees for the student’s main instrument, as charged at Genazzano, tenable for the recipient’s years at the College.

The successful Music scholarship applicant is expected to take an active part in the musical life at the College including attendance at lessons, classes, rehearsals and specified activities. Each successful applicant is expected to be part of one or more ensembles that have a specific need for their instrument. The ensemble involvement is determined by the Director of Music and will be detailed in the letter of offer to the successful applicant.

It is also expected that Music scholarship recipients will participate in the elective music curriculum program at Years 9, 10 and at least two units of VCE. An annual review of all scholarships will be undertaken by the Director of Music to ascertain the progress of the student.

An annual review meeting may also be conducted in the second semester between the student, parent(s) and Director of Music in order to determine the ongoing tenure of the scholarship based on the progress of instrumental study and the commitment to musical life at the College. This review will assess any objectives set by the Director of Music with the student at the beginning of each year.

Boarding Scholarships

Each year, the Gavin Smith Boarding Scholarship is awarded to a Year 9, 10 or 11 student. This is in honour of the work of one of the early founders of Hopetoun Hall, Mr Gavin Smith. The successful applicant will have demonstrated:

  • a commitment to the College and its philosophy

  • a sound academic record

  • demonstration of need.

The remission is applied to tuition fees only.

Please direct your scholarship queries to the Enrolments Team,