Genazzano Institute – About The Institute

Why focus on Learning and Brain Sciences?

Recent studies highlight the association between  learning and new discoveries in disciplines such as neuroscience, environmental design, education, psychology, health, sociology and information technology. The translation of research findings into evidence-based, practical strategies for improved learning in the classroom has the potential to transform education. This presents exciting possibilities and challenges for educators.

Brain Sciences focus on learning about the brain – its functions, organic structure, the nervous system, plasticity, disorders and health. The evolution of research in neuroscience has implications for teaching and learning practices.

What are the benefits for learners?

The Institute supports progressive teaching and optimal learning for all learners. Teachers are engaged in ongoing professional learning using evidence-based strategies that make an impact on student learning growth. Our learning and teaching programs are underpinned by the latest research in psychology, education and neuroscience.

Students are challenged to reflect on their own learning experiences and improvement. Students are taught skills to allow them to self regulate and be more effective in learning.

21st century employment and living will demand high level communication and STEM skills, flexibility and the capacity to synthesise and integrate knowledge. The Institute works closely with teachers to promote the development of knowledge, competencies, cognitive and practical skills through cross-curricular learning, innovative courses and microcredentials. Partnerships and collaboration with leading industry and educational bodies supports this work.

What research and practice informs the work of the Institute?

Genazzano FCJ College has worked with the University of Melbourne over a number of years with a focus on using data for improvement and the Science of Learning. The current collaboration is on New Metrics for Success. This relationship has enabled educators to engage in reflection on learning and teaching; to have their thinking and planning informed by world class researchers; and to work closely with university mentors. This collaboration with academics and other educators along with the exposure to revolutionary research has supported a clear focus on strategies to improve learning outcomes.

Genazzano Institute’s vision and goals have been informed and inspired by the work of many researchers and organisations who have undertaken research, built theoretical frameworks and developed and evaluated learning strategies and programs for better student outcomes. We are excited to work in this area and to contribute to the evolution of global education.

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