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Celebrating our Global Day of Kindness

24 Sep 2019

Together with all FCJ schools around the globe, eleven in total, Genazzano celebrated the beginning of the FCJ Bicentenary on 20 September by enjoying a Global Day of Kindness. Marie Madeleine d'Houet founded the Society of the Faithful Companions of Jesus 200 years ago, and to honour her all schools went out of their way to display random acts of kindness as Marie Madeleine once did. It is also the anniversary of her birthday on the 21 September so it is fitting that we celebrate her birth by taking part in creating a wave of kindness encompassing the globe.

At Genazzano, we see acts of kindness every day, so it was wonderful to witness students and staff share more acts of kindness in recognition of the extraordinary kindness that all the Sisters FCJ have spread throughout the world.