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Erin Ellenburg - Head of Brass at Genazzano

16 Feb 2018

Erin Ellenburg joins the Music Department at Genazzano with a wealth of experience in music, having taught Brass for nearly 20 years. With Masters including Music in Performance Teaching from the University of Melbourne, and Music in Trumpet Performance from Appalachian State University (North Carolina), Erin has played in concert bands, orchestras, jazz bands, early music groups and brass quintets. Erin has also conducted adult and student ensembles, and is the Director of the Junior Concert Band for the Melbourne Youth Orchestras.

With an interest in ensemble pedagogy and practice, particularly combing the best of American and Australian music education traditions, Erin has previously taught at Sacre Coeur, St Kevin’s College and Victoria University Secondary College.

“I’m very excited about working with the amazing team of brass teachers here at Genazzano, to continue building the Brass Program into a vibrant and thriving culture, helping the students break the outdated stereotype that girls can’t play brass. They certainly can! I think brass music is warm and resonant, very much like the human voice, and it is so flexible. We can play any genre, any style, any era of music – it is nearly limitless in its scope”, states Erin.

We welcome Erin to the Genazzano FCJ College community!