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Melbourne School Captain Feature: Tomorrow's Leaders

23 Mar 2020


In the second annual Tomorrow’s Leaders feature, School Captains across metropolitan Melbourne were asked the following question: What action will you take to make a difference in your community?

Our 2020 College Captains, Ruby Atkin and Lola Crivelli shared their thoughts...

Being leaders in our College community gives us the opportunity to spread our vision and this year’s theme “Be my sister”.

Our mission behind this theme is to challenge everyone in the Genazzano community to be inclusive, show kindness and grow friendships so we all feel safe, valued and empowered to achieve our best with courage and confidence.

Girls are often accustomed to the negative self-talk that occurs, along the lines of “I’m not pretty” or “I’m not smart”. In our mission to make a difference, we want to reverse this attitude among young girls and help them be more aware of the things they can work on but also to celebrate what makes them unique.

This year we endeavour to create a school environment where every girl is able to be the best version of themselves, while motivating their peers to achieve their full potential.

Our vision is to inspire all students to be like sisters — encouraging and cheerful.

We are all a part of one family, and by supporting each other and propping each other up, we can create a stronger, united unit. After all, a community filled with unity and support brings joy to all.

Article originally posted in Progress Leader, 24 March 2020.