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A passionate desire to improve options with fashion results in National Award

23 Aug 2019

Congratulations to Prue Spencer who is the Year 10 Winner of the Wool4School Design Competition. This year Wool4School challenged students to design a garment or outfit that embraces the use of technology to enhance garment performance or function.

Prue designed an outfit for visually impaired teenagers incorporating many innovative technology features. Competing against hundreds of entries across Australia, it was Prue’s innovation and creativity that caught the judge’s attention. Jonathan Ward, leading Australian fashion designer and one of the judges, highlighted the creative flair in Prue’s design. “Prue Spencer’s winning design answers the brief with a contemporary head-to-toe concept embracing Merino wool with technology in the garments and accessories. It’s exciting, colourful and concise in its presentation and creative flair titled Dressed To See.”

Prue created the concept of ’Dressed to See’ to enhance the lives of blind and visually impaired teenagers to young adults. “Teenagers and young adults love to dress fashionably, but most fashionable clothes do not assist people with a disability. ‘Dressed to See’ empowers blind and visually impaired teenagers and adults in society that want fashionable clothing that improves their mobility and independence”, says Prue.

“This was a great opportunity to emphasise the collaboration between design and disability. There is no reason why fashion cannot have a positive impact on society by being a lens on popular culture and at the same time providing a practical aid to those with a disability.”

Prue wins $1000 and will have her design made by designer Jonathan Ward. Prue’s design will also feature in a fashion magazine later in the year.

To discover more about Prue’s winning design, download the creative concept below. To find out more about the competition please head to